Monday, April 5, 2010

Once Upon A Time ♥

Hello! ♥
The name is Alyssa; I`m 11 years old.
and this is my blog.
Today is Easter Monday, so there`s not a lot to do.
I`m just going to stay home, get on the computer, watch tv, practice my guitar, and what not.
Today I`ve notice that my prom for grade six is approaching quickly.
And I have no clue what to wear, or how to do my hair.
I was looking at some videos on youtube this morning.
Right now I really wanna do a Taylor Swift look. Where like, I have my hair curled, and wear something that she would. I found some really awesome hair tutorial. So right now, I`m really liking this idea. But I might wanna do something completely different in a few months time. But I really like this idea, so I`m thinking about finding stuff. It seems like it`ll look cute. So I`m gonna start looking for tutorials, and pictures and stuff. I`m a huge Taylor fan, and no one in my class `likes` her like I do, but I mean they do like her songs. So I`ll stand out. ♥
Well, that`s all. Not really much to say.

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